Vladimir Mikhaylenko is leader of the PROJECT197.COM (available since August 2013)

The PROJECT197.COM is the best solution for Data Loss Prevention. Group of IT professionals installs InfoWatch Traffic Monitor software on the territory of the United States. To be competitive the price of installing the software established $197 for one employee’s workbench. So if you have 500 employees and you wish to protect sensitive information from leaks it will cost $98500. Licensing for every next year will cost 1/3 of this sum. Then you can sleep ¬†well. Chances to become a victim of betrayal strongly reduced.

InfoWatch is international group of software companies. It was grown out of world famous Kaspersky Lab. The founder and CEO of InfoWatch is Natalia Kaspersky.

Please visit www.infowatch.com

For further information contact: mikhaylenko.tx@gmail.com

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